Our Vision

Let’s together make a journey for great change

Our Mission

Creating a Complete development in the area by identifying People needs, Priorities through an effective use of Physical Resources and give value and importance for cultural norms of multi societies and forming Equal Opportunities for development in particular creating a sustainable improvement through state obligation and duty by social political and cuitmally in the Irakkamam village.

History of Irakkamam Divisional Secretariat

Before 1999, Irakkamam area was under Sammanthurai Divisional Secretariat and People Challenged to get the Ds Irakkamam and Late Hon: MHM. Ashreff Minister tried to achieved the New Divisional Secretariat Irakkamam and Separated from Sammanthurai DS on 1999 jun 25  and there are  Small Villages in the Division Irakkamam, Varipathanchenai, Kuduvil, Wangamam Madinapuram, Safanager, Manikkamadu  Majeed Puram.and major Town to this  Village is Ampara. There are 12 Grama Niladhari divisions in this area. Population is 18035 and majorty People are Muslims and Agriculture is a main job of the people
Old Building at Irakkamam Divisional Secretariat.
Old Building
New Building at Irakkamam Divisional Secretariat.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
01. Mr: IM. Haniffa 1999.06.25 2006.04.20
02. Miss: K. Jeyananthy 2006.04.21 2006.06.07
03. Mr: MM. Nazeer 2006.06.08 2009.06.09
04. Mrs: RU Abdul Jaleel 2009.06.10 2012.01.01
05. Mr: MM. Nazeer 2012.01.02 Up to Now

News & Events

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